Nepal Earthquake-Special Message from Menri Lopon

Special Newsletter from Menri Lopon Regarding the Disastrous Earthquake in Nepal

April 27, 2015

Many of you may be wondering about the effects of the horrible Earthquakes that just struck in Nepal between the cities of Kathmandu and Pokara. It was 7.8 on the Richter Scale and was the worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years.

Many of you have been concerned and sent emails asking if Menri Monastery was affected by this earthquake.   We are located well to the west and north of Nepal and hundreds of miles away so we did not feel anything at all. So thank you for your concern and prayers.   However, we have many monks, nuns and children who come from Nepal whose families have been affected. We have no news about these relatives and friends.   As you can imagine phone lines are unavailable because of everyone trying to call.   We are concerned about them as well as all others who have suffered from this terrible event.

At this point, it has been confirmed that over 4,000 people have died (but because of the slowness in getting to villages outside of the cities, sad to say, these numbers will probably be much larger) with thousands more injured and made homeless.

Triten Norbutse Bon Monastery in Kathmandu was lucky to experience minimal damage in the form of cracks in one of the dormitories. But we really don’t know everything because it would all have to be evaluated by experts. Meanwhile, other Buddhist monasteries have experienced much more damage. Some sites have been totally destroyed, including stupas and temples.

Many historical monuments going back more than a thousand years have also been obliterated and can never be replaced.

Menri Monastery had a puja on the day after the earthquake and continues to offer prayers for three days with all monks participating in this ceremony for Sherab Chamma (the Loving Mother) for all the victims and injured and those who lost relatives and homes. We hope sincerely that the aftershocks will stop soon so that people can do what is necessary to return to their homes (many are sleeping outside, too afraid to return to their homes if they have not been destroyed) and try to rebuild their lives and pray for their lost or injured relatives.

People in remote villages are even more difficult to get to, and we still have no news as to how bad the damage is there. They have no hospitals or doctors, and they need our prayers as well.

In Dolpo, which is where I am from in the west of Nepal, I have learned that the earthquake was felt very strongly and there is damage to the structures of homes there, some animals killed by rocks falling from the mountains, landslides and the like. Luckily in my village, no one seems to have died because many people in my village are nomads and live in tents. The nurse at my medical center said she saw a beam being tossed around on the ground like a toy; things stored on roofs like firewood were thrown to the ground as well.

Please do prayers for everyone affected by this terrible event.

We will have more news in the next newsletter. I wanted to send you this special one to keep you informed.

Many Namastes!!! And Tashi Deleks!

Menri Lopon

Dolanji, India


Important Message from Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling:

Nepal is in immediate need of donations. Several Bon organizations are collecting funds to support the disaster relief effort, including Olmo Ling ( and Yeru Bon Center ( Menri Lopon and KWL ask that you give generously to the organization of your choice. The following sites will provide you with links to vetted donation opportunities including Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, OXFAM, AmeriCares, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, and many others. These groups are already on the ground in Nepal and have their organizations and infrastructure in place to give immediate aid. The important thing is to give.


Public Radio International (PRI):

CNN News site (gives links to many organizations):

One Heart World-Wide (provides aid to expectant mothers):

World Food Program (provides food and water):

Global Fund For Women:

Although Upper Dolpo did not experience the devastation of the region around Kathmandu, we are concerned that the Dolpo Clinic may come under unanticipated stress in the coming months in the aftermath of this disaster. As always your donations to the clinic are appreciated and 100% directed to the clinic.

Donations can be mailed to the following address, or you can donate by PayPal through the link at our website:

Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling
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Margaret Frison & Dika Ryan for Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling