Nepal Earthquake Update – Donations Needed

Second Special Newsletter regarding the Disastrous Earthquakes in Nepal

Many of you know that there has been a second big earthquake which also killed many people in Nepal and destroyed more property. Some people have suggested that I go to Nepal with their donations to help people directly instead of giving to organizations. They prefer to give as directly as possible to avoid misuse of funds.

This is a good idea, however, it is still much too dangerous to risk the trip at this moment. A couple of our monks were sent by HH the Abbot and they were able to see many of the problems. They were on their way back and at the India/Nepal border when the second big earthquake struck and were lucky to be safe.

Scientists have said that the pressure still has not been released and that it might take several more earthquakes in the 8.0 – 9.0 range on the Richter Scale to fully release this pressure.   This is horrible news because we all know how much more devastation, destruction and death will result if and when that happens.

People in Kathmandu and other areas are still too frightened to go inside their homes because the shaking is still continues daily to make them afraid.

We do have our monastery at Triten Norbutse, and I intend to ask monks there to distribute money, food and clothing, and help people as they find the need. That way money donated will be used correctly and won’t fall into corrupt hands.

Later when the situation has stabilized, I may be able to go personally to see what I can do to help as well. In August, I have to go to Dolpo anyway, and then I will have the opportunity to visit and look around Kathmandu as well.

The monsoons will be coming at the end of June and this could compound the suffering. However, unseasonal rains have already begun in Nepal and we have had some here as well. No one has been able to reach people in the most remote areas which includes Dolpo, so I am anxious to return to my village to see how I can help there as well. The good news is that no one in Dolpo was killed, but houses have been cracked and damaged greatly and people are living outside while the aftershocks continue.

Any donations you wish to make through Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling are definitely welcome. Please give what you are able to afford; even a small amount will help a lot. But be sure to take care of yourself first as well. Please send your donations to KWL and Margaret and Dika will make sure the money arrives here safely.

Please keep the victims and all sentient beings in your prayers as this helps greatly as well. I am also praying everyday.

Many tashi deleks!

Menri Ponlop                                  Dolanji,   May 19, 2015


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