Lopon In Dolpo 24 Vijer

News from Dolpo & KWL-Oct 2015

In August/September of this year, Menri Lopon and his attendant Dawa Tenzin (Daten) visited Nepal, and toured Lopon’s home region of Dolpo.  He was invited by Yangton Lama Sherab Tenzin Rinpoche to consecrate the reconstructed Bonpo Lhakhang Monastery which was founded by the great Yangton lineage master more than 900 years ago. He was also invited to inaugurate a newly constructed stupa, traditional in its design but unique in that it contains both Bon and Buddhist relics – even Rinpoche mentioned “this village is the only example… where Monks of both Bon and Buddhist do rituals in same hall (Bon on the right and Buddhist on the left), there are so many matri and mani stones in the same place, the most wonderful is that there is no anger or partiality between Bon and Buddhist at Bicher village”.

Daten has sent us his detailed journal of the trip, and if you would like to read the full account and see more photos of the trip, please follow this LINK to the Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling website.

From Menri Lopon regarding Earthquake Relief donations:
I didn’t go to the remote villages struck by the earthquake because people told me that it was very dangerous – if you take money, food or supplies you would very likely be attacked by thieves. After the earthquake a group of Triten Norbutse monks went to help but found it very dangerous.

The other difficulty of going to these remote villages was the Nepali government severely restricted access to travelers because they were trying to prevent smugglers from stealing young girls and selling them in India and other countries.

I did meet with a group of 35 people from the three Bön villages that were affected – members of the Tamang, Gurung and Yolmo communities from the area near Mt. Everest.  It was a good union of the communities and we talked about the best ways to help them. Also a monk from Triten Norbutse with knowledge of the problems helped to make a plan. We decided the best way to help was to give the money directly to these trusted community members and let them decide who and how to help.

Thank you for all donations to our efforts to help the Nepal earthquake victims.

Report of Tsaga Clinic  – end of April to end of August, 2015
Field report from Nurse Wangmo Thapa:

The clinic was supposed to reopen at the beginning of April but as we had one of the heaviest snowfalls to date during last winter, I couldn’t arrive in Tsaga until mid April. I had to take a different route to Tsaga this year which took me three long days when I normally could reach it in one day by the usual route. The way was very difficult because of snow, frozen river and avalanches that took place in the winter. But despite the obstacles I made it to my work place in three long days exhausted and satisfied that I can finally commence my duty.

In these four months we have seen around 400 patients with different minor and some referable health problems. Most of the people are having problem related to arthritis, gastritis, dental and seasonal diseases. As usual we provided basic medicines, first aid and referred those which we couldn’t treat there to other hospitals. Other than providing general medicines, I conducted postnatal checkups, provided family planning services, especially implants, which protect the women for five years from getting pregnant. This is really effective and helpful for those who want a long term family planning device. Before the clinic they use to go to Jomsom to get the service which is four long days of journey for them plus the expenses they have to bear. I also was able to remove the implants of those who otherwise would have to go to either to Jomsom or to Kathmandu to get the device removed.

This year we also provided the villagers with tooth extraction service for those whose teeth are beyond restoration. We also ran a small oral hygiene program in Tsarka Bhote Primary school and provided tooth brushes as a preventive measure.

Other than this we have started a service of traditional Tibetan Medicine with a very qualified Amchi since August. Our goal is to provide people with access to a basic level of health services which will include both Western and Modified and Advance Tibetan medicines.

We will find one qualified nurse for next summer to replace me and continue to serve the people.
With love and care, Wangmo

From KWL:
Our Tibetan doctor Ugyen Bhuti has completed her medical training and internship, and is currently running the Dolpo Clinic.  It is very difficult to communicate with this remote area, but we hope to have a full report from her when she returns to Kathmandu in a few weeks.

Bön Sangha members organize yearly garage sale to generate donations for KWL!
From BJ and Ron Loving of Oklahoma City: 

Here’s how we do our annual garage sale on the “prairie”. This year was our 4th year to have the garage sale. It started with me wanting to make some money for Lopon to help him with his endeavors to help people. It makes money out of nothing and anyone can do it.

We call it “socks for India” and explain how we brought socks or donated money for socks when we went to India and that the proceeds from the garage sale goes uncut to a monastery in India I visited and the funds are used for whatever they need be it clothing, food, school supplies, medicine…. To See BJ’s full story, please click HERE.

(Note from KWL:  Thank you BJ and Ron for your generous donation of proceeds from the yard sale!)

Margaret Frison & Dika Ryan for Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling