Sangha Garage Sale for KWL!

Bön Sangha members organize yearly garage sale to generate donations for KWL!
From BJ and Ron Loving of Oklahoma City:

Here’s how we do our annual garage sale on the “prairie”. This year was our 4th year to have the garage sale. It started with me wanting to make some money for Lopon to help him with his endeavors to help people. It makes money out of nothing and anyone can do it.

We call it “socks for India” and explain how we brought socks or donated money for socks when we went to India and that the proceeds from the garage sale goes uncut to a monastery in India I visited and the funds are used for whatever they need be it clothing, food, school supplies, medicine…. in other words, we don’t direct that.

I ask all friends and family to donate stuff from their houses and kinda nudge them a bit. Several families donate every year and as they “run out” of stuff I try and locate new venues like co-workers and mention it to anyone who talks about moving to a new home or some such where they might have stuff to donate. We offer to go pick up the stuff wherever they live. I put an ad in Craig’s List (free), pay $7 for a city permit to have the sale, and Ron places an ad in the local newspaper for around $30. I put up signs in the neighborhood.

A couple we know come every year and help with the sale. They are not Bon practitioners but good folks who like helping with this project.  It’s a lot of work but fun and a great way of making money out of “nothing”. Ron buys hamburgers for those who help us and I make sure we have lots of coffee and teas and snacks and bottled water. It’s a great way of meeting people who live in the neighborhood.

You just need a place to store the stuff as people donate it. I use our garage and a shed in the back yard.

(Note from KWL: Thank you BJ and Ron for your generous donation of proceeds from the yard sale!)