Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling places special emphasis on the support of the Menri Monastery Dialectic School, the main educational center for Bön monks, through various fund-raising and educational projects. We provide sponsorships and other support for both the monks and their teachers. We also help support some of the elderly Tibetan refugees in the village of Dolanji, adjacent to the monastery.

Outside of Menri, our current projects include the building of a medical clinic in Lopon’s home village in the Upper Dolpo region of Nepal. This is the first real  medical care (as well as the first running water and electricity) the village has ever had.  Please see the Clinic page to learn more.

Our newest project is to help Geshe Tenzin Yangton rebuild the Yanggon Monastery, also in their home village in Dolpo.

KWL is also concerned with you, the students of Bön worldwide.  We hope we can add to your practice experience by providing audio and visual “teachings” and other support materials.