Rinpoche’s Advice for COVID

Menri Ponlob Trinley Nyima Rinpoche shared his thoughts and prayers with Bon students around the world on May 3 via livestream on Zoom.  We hope to have more of these teachings from him this summer.  Please feel free to donate at the bottom of the page, to help us with the costs of the Zoom.

“General Advice for Your Life During This Difficult Time” Menri Ponlob has asked us to share these mantras, which he mentions in the talk:

The Three Essential Mantras:

A Om Hung A Ah Kar Sa Le Oed A Yang Om Du
Om Ma Tri Mu Ye Sa Le Du
A Kar A Me Du Tri Su, Nak Po Zhi Zhi Mal Mal So Ha

Sidpe Gyalmo mantra for protection and health:
Om Ah Biya Nag Po Be Söd So Ha

Dharamsala Government Video

The Tibetan Government in Dharamsala sent representatives to Menri Monastery to interview Menri Lopon Rinpoche about the history of the Bön Tradition – which they uploaded to the YouTube site TibetonlineTV. The interview is in Tibetan, and you can watch it by following this link.

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