New Year’s Greeting and News from Menri Ponlob

I’m hoping all of my friends and students are doing very well and all are healthy and I am also very well and quite busy. This is samsara, we know, and especially human beings are always busy. So sometimes I say I am busy but it is also good for passing time. In 2023 I visited a few countries in

Europe; Italy, Poland and France. I send here the pictures of my teachings and meetings and especially, Rome University invited me to Italy for researching the Bönpo texts. Those come from the Himalayas, Tibet, and from other Himalaya regions. An Italian professor brought these texts to the west between 1916 to 1930. All the texts are very old and in handwriting only. It was a very good opportunity to read and to check the texts.  This year I  visited for one month in Italy from August 27 to September 27.   I also gave some teachings there.

After my visit to Italy I went to Poland and taught in Warsaw, Chamma Ling in Wilga and at the Drenpa Namkha Foundation in Bialystok.

After Poland I went to the south of France, where Geshe Samten Yeshe Rinpoche invited me to teach at his Tazig Samten Ling center. He’s from Menri and I taught 2-3 days there also. Then Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche invited me to Shenten Dargye Ling in France where I gave some oral  transmissions and also met with Khenpo. Then I came to Paris where I met many, many Bönpo people from Nepal, India, Tibet. I stayed just one night there. Then back to Italy and flew from Rome to Delhi.

In November we had the second nun’s Geshe ceremony at Redna Menling nunnery.  This year we had 5 nun Geshes graduate so this is really interesting.

A few days ago I went to Bodhgaya for an international sangha forum. There was 36 different countries represented. I went to represent the Bönpos side. It was a great conference. On December 23rd we prayed all together for world peace.  I came back to Menri Monastery in time for the Dialectic School last exams. Each year  we have two big exams for all those in the Geshe program and it was done very well.

So this is what happened in 2023. Soon, in January 2024 I’m going to Nepal, Kathmandu, for a Dolpo Society Temple building which took almost 25 years to build. I go for the opening ceremony and consecration on January 18th. The Dolpo Society officially invited me to be their chief guest. I plan to see Yongdzin Rinpoche also.

So anyway, I’m really, really looking to see you all in 2024. I’m going to visit the  USA, east and west coast.  Gyalshen Institute in California invited me and also there will be one teaching planned on the east coast, in Connecticut. After that I go to Costa Rica. This is my first time there. Geshe Chaphur Rinpoche invited me to his new center. It’s very interesting. And if I have any other special programs I will let you know.  I wish you all happiness and a healthy and successful New Year and looking to see you all very soon and many, many Tashi Delek

– Menri Ponlob

Note from KWL:
Menri Ponlob will be teaching in the US and Costa Rica in May – July 2024.  For information about Ponlob’s teachings in California and Costa Rica contact Gyalshen Institute:
For information about the Connecticut teaching contact Cheri Brady:

From the Board of KWL:

Happy New Year and thank you to all who donated for the Dolpo Clinic and for repairs at Menri Monastery after their damaging monsoon rains. Our clinic nurse reports that she treated 471 patients between May and October and dealt with everything from toothache (she pulled 12 teeth this year!) to frost bite, dog bites, accidents, flu, diabetes and pre-natal care for 4 pregnant women.  We also made major repairs to the clinic building, including a new roof and plastering to water-seal the building, and also provided new sterilization equipment for medical instruments and a gas stove to make our nurse’s life easier.

Every dollar donated is greatly needed and appreciated, whether for the Dolpo Clinic or continuing repairs at Menri Monastery.

You can donate through KWL at this webpage:

Or mail a check payable to Khyungdzong Wodsel Ling to:

Dika Ryan/KWL

1977 N. New Hampshire Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90027

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